20 Second Challenge


20 Second Challenge

Florida Game NightWelcome to our Florida Game Night specialty 20 Second Challenge, a fast and fun game show that spices up any event. Four players go head-to-head in quick challenges, both mental and physical. All tasks have a 20-second time limit, making the stakes high and the excitement palpable.Here’s what you get when you book with us at Game Show Trivolution: a lively host, top-notch sound, and a virtual wheel of challenges. Plus, we customize the game just for you, including its length and difficulty. Wondering if this game is for you? The 20 Second Challenge is perfect for: No matter your theme or crowd, our game is adaptable and fun for all ages. So, why choose this game?
  1. Test your speed: Can you complete a physical task in 20 seconds?
  2. Challenge your brain: Solve puzzles and answer trivia.
  3. Boost morale: It’s fun, and social, and fosters teamwork.
Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience. Contact Jim Casey today at 813.892.8453 to book your date. We’re here to bring the excitement to cities across Florida, from Bradenton to West Palm Beach.

Thank you to our friends at Seminole County Wellness for the video

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