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Name That Tune The Big Music Game Show for Corporate Events

Welcome to our Name That Tune game called the Big Music Game Show. It’s the ultimate destination for a “name that tune” experience tailored for corporate events.

This isn’t your typical one-on-one battle from Classic TV Game Shows; it’s a collective musical adventure that spans across various eras, engaging multiple that tune, game showOur state-of-the-art lighted wireless buzzers bring everyone into the action.With the capacity to accommodate over 30 players or teams, the game becomes a vibrant group activity.

Participants will enjoy identifying songs from diverse genres and times, making it an ideal choice for group entertainment and team building. It’s more than just fun; it’s about forging connections through shared musical memories.

Customization is at the heart of the Big Music Game Show. You have the freedom to select your Name That Tune playlist, adjust the difficulty level, and even incorporate branding messages for a personalized touch. This flexibility ensures that your event reflects your organization’s unique character and objectives.

Ready to elevate your next corporate event with an unforgettable musical challenge? The Big Music Game Show is the perfect addition to your event lineup. For more information or to book the show, contact us at 813.892.8453.

Our services extend across Florida, including key locations like Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, ensuring that we can bring the Big Music Game Show experience to your doorstep. 

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Name That Tune: The Big Music Game Show for Corporate Events

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