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Elevate Your College Entertainment with Game Show Trivolution: Your Ideal NACA Partner

The Best in College Entertainment: Game Show Trivolution

Looking for standout college entertainment events? You’re in the right place. We’re Game Show Trivolution, and we specialize in making students happy. Here’s why we’re your best bet.

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First, let’s talk about our Signature Game Shows. They last 90 minutes and students love them. Shows like “Feuding Fun” come with cool, light-up buzzers. Plus, we can make each event unique to your school.

Quick, Fun Events
Short on time? No problem. Next, consider our Game Night Party Time Shows. These quick 15-30 minute games can fill a 90-minute slot. Options like ’20s Challenge’ are fast, fun, and perfect for meet-and-greets.

Why Choose Us?

Fun for All

First off, our shows are interactive. Students answer questions and work together. In other words, it’s not just fun, it’s also a team effort.

Made for You

Then there’s our flexibility. For instance, we can host freshman events or year-end parties. We tailor our shows to fit your needs.

Quality Guaranteed

We’re also NACA members. This means we meet high standards and you can trust us to make your event a hit.


Lastly, we know college budgets can be tight. That’s why we offer great entertainment at a price you can afford.

Let’s Get Started

So, are you ready for an unforgettable college event? To sum up, we’re here to make it happen. To learn more, call us at 813-892-8453 or visit our website.

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Awseome College Entertainment Game Shows

Christmas Party Entertainment

Step into a musical extravaganza with the Big Music Game Show! This 90-minute show combines trivia, name-that-tune, and interactive challenges, all set to a soundtrack of your favorite hits.

Perfect for a team-building event, holiday party, Christmas party, corporate party, and special occasions, the Big Music Game Show is a high-energy experience that promises to get everyone grooving.

Feuding Fun Game Show

Get ready for a family feud-style showdown with Feuding Fun! This 90-minute game show pits teams against each other in a battle of wits and quick answers.

With categories that can be customized to suit your event, Feuding Fun is the perfect choice for corporate events, family gatherings, or any occasion where you’re looking to add a dose of competitive excitement.

Sarasota Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate events to new heights with our Quiz Show, a Jeopardy-style game that engages up to 10 players or teams using wireless lighted buzzers.

This interactive game show is perfect for corporate events, school functions, or just a fun night with friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your event truly memorable with our captivating Quiz Show experience!