Fundraising For Nonprofits

Fundraising for Nonprofits

At Game Show Trivolution, we understand the vital role of fundraising for nonprofits in our community and are committed to supporting such initiatives through our unique, fun-filled events. Our game shows aren’t just a source of entertainment; they also serve as a powerful platform for rallying support for worthy causes, making them the perfect choice for fundraising for nonprofits.

We believe in being more than just an entertainment business. We see ourselves as responsible corporate citizens, and as such, we provide significant discounts for charitable events. This commitment reflects our dedication to making a positive impact and supporting the tireless efforts of nonprofits.

Fundraising For Nonprofits – Our Partial List

fundraising for nonprofitsOver the years, we’ve had the honor of participating in events that bolster the incredible work done by various nonprofit organizations. Our unique blend of interactive entertainment and dynamic hosting has made us a popular choice for fundraising for nonprofits. Through these efforts, we’ve helped raise thousands of dollars for charities such as the Del Webb Lakewood Ranch Association of Veterans and Military Supporters, Freedom to Walk Foundation, Feeding Empty Little Tummies, American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay along with countless others.

What Game Shows Assist In Fundraising for Nonprofits?

Every nonprofit has a unique mission and goal, and we appreciate that. That’s why we offer game shows customizable to suit each nonprofit’s requirements. For instance, we can incorporate questions or activities aligned with the charity’s mission, thereby making the game show experience more meaningful for participants. Our popular signature game shows like “Feuding Fun,” “Big Music Game Show“, “Happy Couple Game Show,” “Quiz Show,” “Jukebox Bingo,”  and Smartphone Trivia Game Show can be fused with our Game Night Party Time games to create an unparalleled, engaging experience – an ideal scenario for fundraising for nonprofits.

We Help Raise Awareness For Your Nonprofit

We also understand that fundraising for nonprofits isn’t only about financial contributions – it’s about raising awareness too. When you partner with Game Show Trivolution for your event, you leverage our platform to extend your message to a broader audience. Our team works diligently with you to Whether you are a nonprofit organization planning a fundraising event or a business wanting to contribute to the community, Game Show Trivolution is here to help. We’re passionate about making a difference, and we’re ready to work with you to make your event a success. 

Contact Us

Reach out to us today at 813-892-8453 to discuss your needs for fundraising for nonprofits. We’re excited to be a part of your journey towards making a positive impact!

Some Great Fundraising Game Shows from Game Show Trivolution

Corporate Trivia
Take your corporate events to new heights with Game Show Trivolution’s Smartphone Trivia Game Show. Designed for enhancing team building and participant engagement, this tech-forward trivia challenge features customizable questions, a live host, and intuitive smartphone interaction.

Ideal for any corporate setting, booking this game show promises to transform team building into an unforgettable, high-energy experience.
Corporate Game Shows Tampa
Experience the thrill of a classic TV game show with a modern twist! The Big Pyramid by Game Show Trivolution brings the excitement and challenge of the iconic “$100,000 Pyramid” to your corporate event. Ideal for team-building and employee engagement, this game tests your quick thinking and collaboration skills. Book The Big Pyramid today and elevate your corporate event to a whole new level of fun and competition.
Corporate Game Shows Orlandp

Step into a world of high-stakes adventure with Take a Chance, inspired by the classic game show “Press Your Luck.” Presented by Game Show Trivolution, this pirate-themed extravaganza adds a nautical twist to your corporate event.

IPlayers must steer clear of Jack the Pirate while accumulating points and prizes. Perfect for team-building and employee engagement, Take a Chance offers a unique blend of strategy, luck, and excitement. Book now and let your team take a chance on fun!

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