The Big Pyramid

The Big Pyramid Game Show

pyramid game show

If you’re a fan of classic game shows, you won’t want to miss The Big Pyramid. Based on the popular $100,000 Pyramid game show, this Game Night Party Time game show is a fast-paced and exciting game. It is perfect for corporate events, parties, and more.

The rules of The Big Pyramid are simple: two contestants team up, and one person gives clues to help the other person guess a series of words or phrases. The catch? Each round has a time limit, so the pressure is on to get as many right answers as possible. And as the rounds progress, the clues get harder and the stakes get higher, leading up to a final round where the winning team has a chance to take home a grand prize.

At Game Show Trivolution, we bring the excitement of The Big Pyramid to your event with our professional equipment, buzzers, and game board. Plus, our expert game show hosts keep the energy high and the laughs coming throughout the show.

But don’t take our word for it – check out our customer testimonials to see why we’re the go-to game show provider for events in whether you’re in Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Naples, or beyond.
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