Game Show Ideas for Corporate Team Building

We have great game show ideas for corporate team building events for those that want to move beyond the traditional team-building activities. Why not have that game show-inspired gathering that your employees have clamored for? These interactive, entertaining options offer a unique way to boost employee engagement and team cohesion. Below are some of the most popular Game Show Ideas for Corporate Team Building to make your next corporate gathering a hit!

game show ideas for corporate team buildingFeuding Fun

If you love the concept of Family Feud, Feuding Fun should be right up your alley. Pictured is the NJ/NY Gotham FC from the NWSL. They have been in the league for about a decade and have only made the playoffs once. Last year, they finished dead last. They called Jim Casey to host a Feuding Fun Team Building event at IMG at their training camp in Bradenton, FL. Eight months later, they made the playoffs in a tightly contested race and won their first playoff game in team history! 

Was it because of our team-building event with the ladies of Gotham FC? We can safely say it did not hurt. This team-building game promotes collaboration and communication in a familiar setting. 

Quiz Show

Based on the timeless format of Jeopardy, Quiz Show adds an intellectual twist to your corporate team-building event. The game can be customized with questions about your industry or even amusing questions about team members. Plus, using lighted wireless buzzers adds an extra layer of excitement.

game show ideas corporate eventsJukebox Bingo

Jukebox Bingo is not your typical Bingo game. It combines the fun of Bingo with the joy of recognizing your favorite tunes. This exciting blend of music and game is ideal for a team-building exercise everyone can get behind.

More Game Show Ideas for Corporate Team Building


Big Music Game Show

Want to test your team’s musical knowledge? Big Music Game Show is akin to “Name That Tune,” where participants must identify songs based on a few notes or clues. It’s a lighthearted yet competitive way to bring your team together.

Take It or Leave It

For a game that encourages decision-making and strategy, consider Take It or Leave It. Players must choose wisely between various options, which can be customized to align with your company’s culture or objectives.

The Big Pyramid

The Big Pyramid is a quick-thinking word association game perfect for promoting practical communication skills. It’s an excellent choice for fast-paced, engaging team-building.

Rewarding Your Team

No game show is complete without prizes! Use this opportunity to reward your staff with prizes that genuinely excite them. Whether it’s an extra day off, a special team lunch, or a gift card, the right rewards can make your game show-themed corporate team-building event even more engaging.

Revolutionary Game Show Ideas for Corporate Team Building

We started the trivia revolution in 2010 and adapted it to our game show presentations. We’re experts at customizing game shows that fit your corporate team-building objectives. Contact us today to make your next event unforgettable!

Disclaimer: This article is a general guide to Game Show Ideas for Corporate Team Building. For a tailored experience that meets your organization’s specific needs, consult professionals from Game Show Trivolution.

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