If there’s one thing that 2023 has proven, it’s that team building activities can significantly impact a team’s performance. Look no further than Gotham FC—a team that turned their fortune around to make the NWSL playoffs, just one season after finishing last.

team building activities, team building gamesThe Role of Team Building Activities

In February, during their preseason camp in Bradenton, Florida, Gotham FC invested time in team building activities facilitated by Game Show Trivolution. These activities aimed to improve communication, foster unity, and build a cohesive team spirit. This investment paid off handsomely, as the team navigated through a challenging season to secure a spot in the playoffs.

The Two Faces of Gotham

This season has shown that Gotham FC is a team of contrasts. One moment, they’re a creative force in front of the goal, and the next, they struggle to defend against quick transitions. 

Decision Day: A Nail-Biting Finish

Gotham FC’s playoff destiny was uncertain until the very end. On Decision Day, they displayed their attacking prowess by scoring two early goals against Kansas City Current. Although they couldn’t hold the lead, the team secured their playoff spot, thanks to other league results. As they prepare for the playoffs, the focus of their team building activities will likely shift toward achieving consistency on both ends of the pitch.


Facing the North Carolina Courage

In the first round of the playoffs, Gotham FC will square off against North Carolina Courage. This is a team they’ve had closely contested matches with in the regular season. The previous face-offs between these two have demonstrated the importance of tactical preparation and mental readiness, elements that team building activities can significantly influence.

A Heroic Farewell

Adding an emotional layer to the playoffs is the farewell of legendary defender Ali Kreiger. Known for her leadership and defensive prowess, her experience will be vital for Gotham FC. Team building activities that focus on drawing from such leadership can be invaluable in high-stakes games.

In Summary

The journey of Gotham FC from the bottom of the table to the NWSL playoffs is a shining example of the transformative power of team building activities. As they gear up for their upcoming challenges, the role of cohesive team dynamics can’t be overstated.

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