Orlando Corporate events are in season any time of the year. But, they are special during the holiday season. It’s the perfect time for companies to come together, unwind, and celebrate the achievements of the year. Whether you’re looking to host a Christmas party, New Year’s bash, or a festive team-building event, Orlando has a variety of venues and services to make it special. However, if you’re aiming for something more than just special—if you want extraordinary—you should consider Game Show Trivolution for your Orlando corporate events.

Orlando Coporate EventsWhat is Game Show Trivolution?

Founded in 2010, Game Show Trivolution offers unique, interactive entertainment that will elevate your corporate gatherings. We provide a range of Signature Game Shows like Feuding Fun, Big Music Game Show, and Quiz Show, among others. With customizable 90-minute bookings and lighted wireless buzzers, we bring the excitement of a real game show right to your venue.

Why Choose Game Show Trivolution for Holiday Parties?

team buildingEngagement Like Never Before

Traditional holiday parties may offer food, music, and a touch of dancing, but game shows bring an element of engagement that’s incomparable. Our Signature Game Shows such as Jukebox Bingo or Happy Couple Game Show ensure that everyone has something to participate in and enjoy.

Team-Building Opportunities

Our shows are designed to encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Opt for the Quiz Show or Feuding Fun and watch how they can serve as excellent team-building exercises.

Versatile Options

We also offer Game Night Party Time Shows like ’20s Challenge’ and ‘Wheel of Ill Will’ in 15-30 minute segments. These can be combined with shorter segments of Signature Game Shows for a 90-minute event, giving you a smorgasbord of entertainment options.

Budget-Friendly Packages

With corporate packages starting from just $1499, you get a full suite of entertainment without breaking the bank.

Orlando Corporate Events: Setting a New Standard

Orlando is known for its vibrant atmosphere and bustling corporate culture. By integrating Game Show Trivolution into your holiday parties, you not only enhance the entertainment value but also set a new standard for corporate events in the city.

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So, if you’re planning holiday parties for your Orlando corporate events, think outside the box and bring the unparalleled entertainment of Game Show Trivolution to your celebration. To book or to know more, visit our website or give us a call at 813-892-8453. Make your holiday parties not just special but extraordinary!